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"I have been in the travel industry for over 30 years with a short intermission. When it was time to come back to the travel industry, I knew that Ticket to Travel was the agency to be my host. Anita is a true professional and along with her very creative marketing skills and passion for the industry, I knew it would be a perfect fit. Along with my husband, both of us are not only affiliated with Ticket to Travel but are also long time personal friends of Anita and have great respect for her."
- Martha Powell


"I have been with Ticket to Travel for over 13 years; I was most impressed with Anita’s professionalism, and support of her Agents. Since joining I have been approached by many host agencies, none can compare with Ticket to Travel. The level of support from the staff, the systems, and the affiliated agents is superb. Anita is a smart business women, she knows if you provide a positive environment, and you treat your agents well, they will perform well. I have never regretted my decision to join Anita and her outstanding team."
- Kenneth Briggs


"My husband and I attended the Travel Conference in Las Vegas last year. We looked at a couple of “Host Agencies” and Anita and Team, blew our socks off. I feel so comfortable reaching out to the Ticket to Travel team and have learned SO much in the past 10 months. I love the fact that you have this amazing team of professionals who support you and help you in any way they can. I love this company. Thank you all!"
- Tracy Tormoen


"We work for them and they work for us. That’s just how it is; teamwork at its finest. If your host agency is A Ticket to Travel, you’re part of a family - a family that works together towards a common goal. From the very first inquiry and application/interview process it is apparent that this is a class act organization. I have worked with other host agencies, and what sets this one apart is the total dedication of each staff member and every agent. Everyone is in it because it’s their passion, and everyone is willing to help each other including agents helping agents. Anita is a strong leader, experienced and well known in the travel industry, yet never condescending to new or seasoned agents. She is only a phone call or an email away. The workload of a travel consultant is sometimes overwhelming, and her calendar is certainly full, yet she takes the time to address each agent’s needs, concerns, questions or comments. The entire staff is awesome, and if you’re in the market for a host agency, then look no further than A Ticket to Travel."
- Mary Baker


"Anita Pagliasso, owner of T2T, opened my eyes to what is possible when you follow your dreams. She is confident and a very experienced business woman. People love her. I wanted to be a home based travel agent and sell what I loved. Anita provided all of the tools. I watched her follow her own passions and how she created one of the top home based agencies in the US. She is amazing. She is a believer in the power of people and the power of networks to engage and help people learn and grow. She is a leader in our industry, holding respected positions in ASTA, PATH, and has helped produce some of the nation’s leading home based travel agent events. If you have the passion to help people find their ideal travel destination and then support their dream with the best service possible, Ticket to Travel is the best home based agency to associate with."
- Sharon Oldham


"We love being part of the A Ticket to Travel team. We are given the freedom to succeed, support to grow every year, and the tools to achieve our goals. A Ticket to Travel is quick to respond to questions and request for assistance. Anita is an extremely encouraging leader to not only her team of IC's but to the entire travel industry."
- Kim and Keith Quimby -


"I first met Anita in 2002 looking for a career change. Without having any previous travel agent experience, Anita took me in under her wings and equipped me with the tools to be a successful and professional travel consultant. She is passionate about her agents and her goal is see them be successful. I am truly honored to be part of an agency that is committed to their agents and also one that is highly regarded and respected in the travel industry. I have appreciated the one on-one mentorship that is available to all our agents and the fact that Anita is accessible to her agents for whatever help and support is needed."
- MaryLyn Klein -